We’re Working for New York
All New York Union Sheet Metal Contractors provide workers with health insurance, pensions and many other benefits. The Sheet Metal Industry of New York contributes substantially to the region’s tax base.

Safety and Training
The Sheet Metal Industry of New York provides training programs for incoming apprentices with an emphasis on safety, and provides ongoing courses to upgrade the skills of current workers.

Long-Term Careers for Our Members
The Sheet Metal Industry of New York offers long-term, high-paying careers to 3,500 members of New York’s middle class.

Our Diverse Workforce
60% of all new Union Sheet Metal apprentices are women and minorities.

Our Contribution to New York
Our industry supports many New York charities and not-for-profit organizations. The industry has a long-standing scholarship fund providing monies to industry members’ families for higher education. We are committed to our city through economic support and community participation.

Unparalleled Productivity
The Sheet Metal Industry of New York’s contractors and the crafts people they employ meet all contract requirements on time, to specifications and with an outstanding degree of safety.

The Standards We Keep
The Sheet Metal Industry of New York is dedicated to maintaining its high standards and demonstrating our quality work on every assignment. We ensure that your building projects are completed in the most efficient and safe manner.

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